Next Steps After Your Canadian Work Permit Approval

Congratulations! Receiving initial approval for your work permit in Canada is an exhilarating milestone. However, the journey doesn’t end here. To make your transition seamless, it’s essential to understand the subsequent steps and required documentation.

1. Preparing Your Essential Documents:
Before boarding your flight to Canada, make sure you have:

• Passport: Your principal identification. Note that for most individuals, the work permit’s validity won’t exceed the passport’s expiry date.
• Other Travel Documents: Any other related documents you’re carrying.

To prove that your work permit application has been approved, you might be asked to present the port of entry letter of introduction. This document is provided if you applied online or gave an email during your work permit application. You can either have a printed copy or a digital version on hand.

Additionally, ensure you have these supplementary documents:
• Proof of your qualifications for the job, such as credentials highlighting your work experience and educational background.
• A copy of the positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which is a mandatory requirement for your work permit.
• The offer of employment number that your employer received when they submitted their job offer.

2. Upon Arrival in Canada:
Identity Verification: Security is paramount in Canada. Upon your arrival:
• At major Canadian airports: A primary inspection kiosk will automatically verify your fingerprints, matching your identity against records from your application.
• At smaller entry points: If deemed necessary, a secondary inspection might be conducted to check your fingerprints.

Engaging with the Border Services Officer: Approach with transparency. Present your documents and express your intention to work in Canada. It’s crucial to remember that false or incomplete information can result in entry denial. You’ll need to convince the officer that:
• You meet all of Canada’s entry conditions.
• You’ll exit Canada at the end of your work permit’s duration.
• Your immigration medical exam results (if required) are valid on your entry day. If they’re about to expire, consider retaking the exam before heading to Canada.
Final Decision: The ultimate authority rests with the border services officer, who will decide on issuing your work permit and permitting your entry.

3. Securing Your Actual Work Permit:
After the officer verifies your documents and confirms your entry, they’ll provide you with your actual work permit. Before leaving the immigration desk, thoroughly check the permit. If there’s an inconsistency or if you have questions, address them with the officer right away.

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