Canadian Strike and Immigration Updates May 1st, 2023

The recent Canadian federal worker strike had a significant impact on essential services such as healthcare, immigration, and passport renewals. We at Axima Healthcare Inc. find it essential to outline the impact that the strike had on healthcare services and the need for efficient and effective processing times.

The strike involved approximately 155,000 public sector union workers, with an agreement reached with 120,000 workers. However, more than 35,000 revenue agency workers are still negotiating, which will continue to slow down the processing of annual tax returns. The strike caused delays and disruptions, resulting in significant consequences for individuals and businesses relying on essential services.

Efficient and effective processing times are critical for healthcare services, particularly during a global pandemic when timely access to medical care is vital. Delays can lead to a loss of critical care, which is essential for patient outcomes and recovery.

While strikes are inevitable, measures must be in place to minimize their impact on critical services such as healthcare. The recent agreement between the federal government and PSAC is a positive step towards stability and ensuring efficient and effective processing times.

At Axima Healthcare, we believe it is essential to prioritize the timely processing of healthcare services to ensure quality care for patients. Immigration is also critical for healthcare, particularly when it comes to recruiting skilled healthcare workers. Delays in immigration processing times can lead to a loss of talent and innovation, affecting healthcare services’ quality and efficiency.

The recent April 2023 Federal strike highlighted the importance of efficient and effective processing times for critical services such as immigration. we recognize the critical role that immigration processing times play in ensuring quality care for patients. Furthermore, delays in processing work permits for skilled healthcare workers can result in a shortage of essential personnel, leading to a lack of adequate care for patients. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize the timely processing of work permits to recruit skilled healthcare workers, maintain quality healthcare services, and ensure patients receive the care they need. It is imperative to have measures in place to minimize the impact of strikes on critical services, including healthcare, to maintain efficient and effective healthcare systems.

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